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People Worth Ravin' About

These two dozen people have shaped our world or at least the way we see it.  

Click on their names to join in a well-earned rave in their honor.


Rovin' and Ravin' Home

Leonard Baskin, Jacob Lawrence, Jeff MacNelly, George Segal
You have seen works by these artists…

and may have had a piece by one of them in your mouth!

Theodore M. Berry, Vincent Canby, Gus Hall
These three American leaders have very little in common,

except that they died within a few days of each other

The Buddha, Charles Schultz
I am honoring each by pairing him with the other.

Johnny Cash, Tito Puente, Kurt Weill
Three great musicians:

one has a 3-CD retrospective of his career, one has died,

and one is remembered around the world and around the Internet

on his hundredth birthday.

Eugene V. Debs
Often compared to Jesus Christ and Abraham Lincoln,

and named for two French novelists,

he enjoyed almost three years of Southern hospitality

as a prisoner in the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary.

Marlene Dietrich
Could she have been the most typical person of her century?

He was just a “dude” who may or may not have been one person;

he might even have been a woman!

Stanley Kubrick
Call him a genius, with all the baggage that goes with that word.

Eddie Owens Martin
He is Georgia's own bigmouth bogeyman,

redneck hippy, suicidal self-proclaimed saint,

and if you visit his home, watch out for the trained snakes!

Walter Matasschanskayasky
How much pleasure and how many laughs

he brought to movie audiences for years! 

You mean you don’t recognize his name?

Caroline Miller
She was the first recipient of the Pulitzer Prize from Georgia,  

remembered here (one of R & R’s high points) by her niece.

Jacobo Timerman
A prisoner who reclaimed his own name,

he reminded us to speak our own.

Frank Turner
He has been called one of the ten people

who most changed our lives.

Billy Wilder
Join the celebration of the Hollywoodiest director of them all.

General William Jenkins Worth (I)
Best known for his leadership in a very important war

that is not well known today, he is commemorated 

in the name of Worth County.


General William Jenkins Worth (II)

A family member of General Worth's

tells tales on his famous ancestor. 

Marguerite Young
There's the mad penguin lover,

Miss Marguerite, my darling.

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