Do Your Part!
Posted on Wednesday, May 02, 2007 @ 14:39:16 CDT by guskek

Worth County, Georgia Anonymous writes
Donít just sit around complaining about the city and county employees! Apply for the positions when they become open! If you donít qualify, go back to school and get educated enough to qualify. If you think you can do the jobs better, get off the couch and try the jobs. If it takes zero qualifications (as you say) to be a DFCS caseworker, go apply for that job! If you think Sylvester doesnít do enough Policing, again get off the couch and go apply for one of the vacant jobs with the Sylvester Police Department. They will send you to school. Pay for your school. Train you to do the job correctly. Put yourself in their shoes and Iím sure youíll discover just how hard it is to do those jobs. Iím sure youíll also realize that listening to people like yourselves complaining about everything but offering no help and support gets very old.

We have to help ourselves before we can expect help from others even if it is a state, county or city agency. If the Worth County Department of Family and Children Services has knocked on your door and you have nothing to hide, let them in, cooperate. They will not come to your door without a reason. You need to find out what that reason is and adjust your situation accordingly. If you are abusive to your children, you do not need your children. If you are torn between your spouse and your children, you do not need your children. Your children should come first. If you have trouble with your children there are many avenues to take to get help. Many services available to you!

If you think you are being mistreated by a government employee hire an attorney and follow through with your complaint. Do something about it! Donít just sit at home on your computer expecting everyone to give you the help you want. Donít expect the tax payers to take care of you! Take care of yourself! Take care of your children! Get a job! Work really hard at minding your own business and taking care of your own business, your own children.

Worth County residents need to support Worth County! Go to the meetings. If youíve read the minutes for March and April you will see that only two people showed up. If you are complaining about the Worth County Department of Family and Children Services, get off your Welfare check, get off the Food Stamps and go apply for one of the vacant jobs so you can do it better. And, no the pay is not very good for any city, county, state employee! There are many different ways to give back to Worth County. If you see something that needs to be done, do it! Clean up the side of the road if you are tired of looking at the trash. Do your part or shut your mouth!