How does your venting affect others?
Posted on Tuesday, May 01, 2007 @ 09:59:31 CDT by guskek

Worth County, Georgia Anonymous writes
Everyone has a right to their own opinion however do we ever stop and think how others are going to be affected by that opinion. When did we stop caring how other people feel? Do we realize that by venting we could be really hurting the people we are venting about. Do we realize that their children, grandchildren, sisters, brothers, parents and friends are also reading the same comments as the people we’re venting about? Do we care that their grand children are getting picked on at school? Talked about daily?

People change or are maybe not so bad in the first place. Gossips don’t tell the good stuff, they only tell the bad stuff. So maybe, just maybe those people we vent about aren’t really so bad after all. Maybe, just maybe they work to feed their families, work really hard to pay their bills, try very hard to shelter their children and family members from gossip. They pray daily like we all claim to do. They try very hard to deal with conflict that is thrown at them daily.

We should think about things before we say them. We should worry about how we will be perceived. So next time you are talking to that “friend” of yours, pay attention to what they are really saying. Are they jealous of the person they are gossiping about? Do they only ever say negative things? If the answers are yes then maybe you just need to change friends. If someone is gossiping to you about someone else, they will ALWAYS gossip about YOU to someone else.

Make sure the opinion people have about you will be good enough to reflect on your children and grandchildren. We have all said things that we wish we could take back. We have all gossiped about someone. So we all need to try really hard at being the person our family and friends would be proud of and proud to know, not to mention the obvious, to be the Christian that God trusts that we can be.

You never know what people are going through. You never know if something you say about someone could ruin the rest of their lives or the lives of their families. In this day and time, with all the stress, you never know if your comments could make someone kill themselves or others.