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An Afternoon at the Monastery



     When you read that title, I imagine, you envisioned emaciated, white-robed monks, carrying their rosaries.    Some years ago, I spent a week at a Christian monastery, in the backwoods of South Carolina, and my clichés and stereotypes were shattered when the front door of the monastery (actually, an antebellum mansion) was opened by a tall, muscular man wearing nothing but a pair of cutoffs... and carrying a chain saw.  Considering I had traveled several miles on dirt roads to get there, I could only blurt out, "I think I've made a terrible mistake."

     This time out, I'm taking you along with me to a very different monastery, a Buddhist monastery, in - of all places - Kissimmee, Florida.  Just turn left at WalMart... and I'm not kidding.  Finally agreeing that a picture is worth a thousand words, I won't bother you with many words, but I am sharing some pictures with you. 

     And, to shatter some more stereotypes, there was a computer in the temple, and I'm using a very up-to-date program, Powerbullet Presenter, that I have raved about elsewhere.  So, sit back, navigate with the arrows at the bottom of the presentation, and think of all the ways you can create a similar presentation about your interests and experiences.  (Please wait until the presentation finishes loading before you try to navigate; it may take a couple of minutes if you have dial-up Internet access.)



     By the way, I left you standing on the front step of a monastery with me.  I explained my errand, and Chainsaw Guy shifted the saw to his other hand, grabbed my hand heartily, and said, "I'm Father Smith.  Welcome!"  Keep your feet dry, and your heart full of noble thoughts... and be glad that we have such great free programs as Powerbullet Presenter for sharing those noble thoughts and such great sites as Buddhanet, a source of great thoughts.

     You can download a complete presentation with the photos and text above plus sound files, or you can download just the individual sound files, a temple gong or a chant.  

Select, by right-clicking to save or left-clicking  to play:  

complete presentation 

or the sound of the gong 

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