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I decided to add to the variety of topics raved about and areas roved to by inviting guests to join in.  The result, for me,  is a chance to welcome a distinguished group of friends, old and new, online and off, and for you to learn about tending a gator, wrestling in high school, being the niece of a great novelist, and learning Latin, experiences that I have never had... with a little laughter and a lot of inspiration thrown in. 


I fantasize a gathering around a table (with one of my guests planning a menu, as she shows an aptitude for doing).  For a change, I'll leave the California jugs in the kitchen, and splurge on some of my beloved Argentine wines, with iced tea provided for those who prefer it.   Pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage, and enjoy some good reading.


Joanne Lott Bishop


Caroline Miller: A Lamb in the Bosom of Georgia

One of my teachers, mother of one of my students, reminisces about her not-famous-enough aunt.

Catalin Brylla


The Truman Show - The Sequel

I "met" Catalin at a film site, appropriately. Here, he continues a film he and I both like.

Sandra Faye


Why the Universe Will Meet Your Needs, If You Let It


A health care professional  shares some healing words.

LTC Wayne Kirkbride

Climbing Higher      

Keep Hope Alive

The Value of Sports     

Wrestling - High School Style

Our most frequent guest, the Colonel is always welcome to join the conversation.

Ken Leland


Marine Hero Too Short to Be Fireman

A "not-so-old" warrior recalls a surprise he got when he returned to civilian life.

Peter MacNaughton


The Healing Circle


A new friend from the frozen North tells of hope and healing, two things we all can use.

Jean Mitchell


A Gator in My Bathtub

A Little Old Georgia Shack Made of American Chestnut

A teacher/naturalist tells us about

a memorable house... and an unforgettable guest!

Chris Page

Accepting to Decline: On Learning Latin Later in Life

Times of the Season: Classic Summer Film Escapes

Food, film, and languages--this guest knows the way

to her host's heart!

Doug Sparks


Get Your Act Together!

Adventures in Online Auctions

This Post Office employee turns to the Internet to communicate his enthusiasm for theater and auctions!

Lawrence Sullivan

Cousin Billy and the Freemason Plot

 General William J. Worth's last adventure - told by on of his relatives! 

Alan Thornton

May the Hype Be with You!

An old friend reviews movie publicity, which sometimes is better than the film itself.


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