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Theater, Music, Painting, Radio, TV, Movies

Get Your Act Together!

Something completely different, 

whether it’s opera or bluegrass...

The Sights of Four Arts

Something about arts and hearts...

The Sounds of Three Musics

The greatest artists are bridges 

that transcend labels...

The Digital Didj

Sounds like the kangaroos 

have been in the beans again...

The Great Online Musical Melon Piracy

The watermelons that musicians grow...

Surviving Survivor

If you have a fabulous recipe for rat kebabs...

The Sound of Sounds, the Sweat of Her Thighs

"Dead Media"  Morse code, answering machines...

Passage to Pasaquan

His hallowed badness, Eddie Owens Martin

The Rovin' and Ravin' Film Reviews

To muddy the view of the films

Open Salts: Worth Their Salt

The perfect  collectible for these early days of the 21st century?

Books, Writing, Publishing, Libraries

Not the Greatest Book for the Greatest Generation

The Greatest Generation  or The Greatest Me?

Caroline Miller: A Lamb in the Bosom of Georgia

Georgia’s first Pulitzer Prize winner...

Harp Song at the Crossroads of America

Then, she pops up with "hogopolis"...

Love Song for an Author

A simple Hoosier daisy at heart...

The Will and Way of Writing

Go collect Pokémon cards,  and leave us alone...

Get E-booked for Next Christmas

I am as craftless as I am artless...

What the L?

Looking for the VII-XI store...

Harry Potter and His Online Friends

No competition between reading and surfing the ‘net...

Homer: The First 3000 Years

The Odyssey and The Iliad are attributed to her (or him)...

Our Musty, Dusty Online Libraries

Education, psychology, history, sociology, 

religion, science, and technology

The Pleasures and Prices of Old Books

Transcending the thing-ness of the book-thing?


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