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People Worth Ravin' About

Highwaymen, self-proclaimed saints, and the most typical person of the 20th century

Rovin' Through Medical Alternatives

Needles, herbs, and meditation

Rovin' Through U.S. History 

 Offbeat corners of US History

Ravin' About the Arts

Books, television, music, and beyond

Religiously Rovin'

Internet pilgrimages

Naturally Ravin'

Plants and animals

Rovin' on the Internet

Auctions, ancestors, and other adventures

Building Your Own Website

 Do-it-yourself online

Guests Worth Ravin' About

 Great food, sick gators & famous kin 

Two Important Articles


The Rovin' and Ravin' Film Reviews

 Don't rent a video until you've checked here!


       Rovin' and Ravin'  began  as a mix of  film reviews and general essays by Michael Segers.  For five years, and in various formats, these columns have maintained a strong commitment to our community, both online and offline,  as well as to the potentials that the Internet offers us.  


          Keep your feet dry, your heart full of noble thoughts, and R&R added to your Internet favorites.



Mike with Dorian Gray Parrot, psittacine consultant and star of these columns


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